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Wisconsin Woodchuck was created in 2005 to salvage old-growth lumber that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  We rescue antique timbers, dimension lumber, and architectural pieces and give them new life. 

But our mission is not purely altruistic.  While we are proud to contribute to the conservation of our planet’s natural resources, we also love the richness and character of old-growth wood.  Since the virgin forests that produced this wood are virtually extinct, the only way to enjoy its warmth and beauty is through re-use. 

Our primary project is the deconstruction of the 1887 Globe Elevator, once the biggest grain storage facility in the world.  It contains some 6 million board feet of wood (mostly Eastern White Pine), as well as hundreds of tons of Real Wrought Iron and other antique hardware. 

Our customers include timber framers, contractors, architects, artists, and custom blacksmiths. Magnificent flooring and paneling hand-crafted by our subsidiary, Old Globe Reclaimed Wood Company, now graces luxury homes, restaurants, and convention centers.

Of course, everything we sell is environmentally friendly and all products from the Globe Elevator qualify for LEED points.  Please explore our site and our photographs and feel free to contact us.  We’ll be glad to discuss your project and help meet your needs.